Friday, June 10, 2011

For your Eyes Only...

So looks like I might not be updating this site much in the near future... Why? Well, I have been accepted to contribute to I'm gonna have to familiarize myself with Wordpress to accomplish this but doesn't seem to be terribly hard from what I've watched insomuch as tutorials on youtube.
So I'm excited to begin writing for them. I'm gonna have up my entertainment news searching up a notch.
I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Keep your eyes peeled for postings from Radish on SC. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Handle your Joystick: PSN IS BACK!!!

Finally the full playstation network up and running on all cylinders (well almost, its a bit slow on the uptake)

The Store has been restored after almost two months of being down. You can redeem your "welcome back" rewards which includes TWO free PS3 games and TWO psp games( if you have that thing) as well as a 30 day subscription to Playstation Plus which gives ya some games cheaper and other free stuff.
If you already are a part of that then you get 60 days free. They are also offering free movie rentals this weekend only.
Not too shabby.
Its kinda wigging out at the moment because so many users are trying to get their free shit but if you have some patience then you get the sweet rewards that we deserve because of every playstation network users initial freak out that their identities had been stolen via Sony's servers when hackers attacked their servers back in the middle of April.
I know I was checking my credit statements like a madman when I heard my credit card info might have been in jeopardy but lucky thus far it doesn't look like it has happened. Thank fuckin god for that. I've heard that that dealing with identity theft is something that should be reserved for those in the 9th circle of hell.
Last week was great once the multiplayer feature was restored now I cannot wait to dig some late night hours into imFamous and Wipeout HD tonight.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HELP Spin the Black Circle: Matt Pryor's new Solo project "May Day"

I was a late to the game Get Up Kids fan, I started my journey on "On A Wire" which I would play late on snowy night drives home from work. I have especially fond memories of a particular night with fresh snow and a full moon while "Walking on a Wire" was playing.
After being hooked on that album I ate up everything they did. I got the back catalog, listened to any of the member's side projects and with the exception of Reggie and the Full Effect's "song not to get married to"( which helped me through a trying breakup) I've found that Matt Pryor's musical endevours have always had a special place in my heart. Everytime I had tickets or a chance to see TGUK play live I've been deathly ill. But I did once get a chance to see Matt play a solo set on his Confidence Man tour at the Triple Rock Social Club a few years back along with Chris Conley from Saves the Day (who played drunken acoustic sing-along renditions of S.T.D. favorites).
When The New Amsterdam's released "Killed or Cured"( which still gets many many spins) for free to download I was ecstatic.
Matt has also dropped two kids albums under the moniker The Terrible Twos which one of the highlights is a song titled "Lady Bug" that I love to sing to my daughter. Plus the song "Smickey" always makes me giggle, the little kid in me can't get enough.

The Get Up Kids newest album is still in my musical digestion process. I'm enjoying it, its different, a bit more electronic-tinged than I thought I would hear from TGUK but its overall pretty great. Though I am sick of one of the songs, which I hear 4 times a day at work. I think its awesome its getting play there but hearing it so often makes you not want to hear it again.
But I digress on that.

The point of this post is news that Matt Pryor from TGUK is trying to independently release his newest solo acoustic album he has titled "May Day" ,seeing as he recorded it throughout the month of May.
Ok so this is the call to all you Get Up Kids, Terrible Twos, New Amsterdam fans to come to action. Matt has set up a Kickstarter account to raise funds to release the album without the typical major label or even independent label support. Sure Radiohead is taking a new approach to getting their albums out to their fans and I'm really interested in Matt's approach on with distribution of his music. Anything that helps send the message to the major label system that to quote NoFx" Dinosaurs Will Die".
Alright then, you have your mission. Go forth and help a good musician get his music to the masses via the people who actually will enjoy the aforementioned music.
Below is the link for you to donate some cash to make this album's release a reality. Plus he explains it much better than I ever could on his page.
Depending on how much you donate it you have the option to receive something in return. All the way from a simple digital download to the amazing option of having an original composition written just for you or even a private show for you and friends.
I hope this helps to get you to bring this project to fruition.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Projection Booth: I'm "Green With Envy"

WATCH,WATCH,WATCH,WATCH,WATCH and let the little kid in you eek with excitement.

This is gonna be epic and so great. I love how the trailer head-fakes you right from the start with a terrible romantic comedy then it slams you in the face with glorious felt awesomeness. Once the full trailer hits I will be jumping up and down like the 10 year old inside me is on a massive sugar high.


Seriously, Jason Segel and Gonzo in the same movie, I just hope he gets to share some screen time with Camilla and no I'm not talking about Prince Charles' woman.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spin the Black Circle: Pearl Jam festival at Alpine Valley Amphitheater

Thanks to for bringing this exciting news to my attention earlier today.

Over Labor Day weekend Pearl Jam is continuing rolling out celebrations of their 20th year together, first we got new vinyl pressing of Vs. which was released all the way back in 1991, damn has it been that long already? I am getting old. Anyway they also gave us Vitology on vinyl which I picked up on Record Store Day this year. So now lucky lucky Wisconsinites are getting are very own festival put on by Eddie Vedder and crew at Alpine Valley Amphitheater just outside of Milwaukee for those of you who aren't fluid in Wisconsin locales.
Playing that weekend will, to name a few, be
The Strokes,
Queens of the Stoneage (if only Nick Oliveri were back in the line-up, maybe someday)
John Doe from X,
Liam Finn, amongst others.
Maybe there will be some interesting additions to the line up as the summer goes on.
June 4th is when you'll be able to get your grunge-y( you see what I did there) little hands on the tickets. I haven't found word on what a ticket is going to set you back yet but I'll try to throw it out to you when I find out.

First we get some great and/or fun bands playing Summerfest like Alkaline Trio and Taking Back Sunday( original line-up)  though these two bands are playing on separate nights they are both on free stages and opening up for Trio is going to be The Meat Puppets. Seriously, The Meat Puppets. How insane is that. Also at Summerfest is Wanda Jackson, Loretta Lynn, Girl Talk, The Dropkick Murphys, The Flaming Lips and Urge Overkill. All on free stages.  Finally Wisco is getting some good bands in a short amount of time.
Now if only these caliber of bands would start making stops up I-90/94 here in Madison.
Either way, this Pearl Jam show should be pretty kick ass. Just Mudhoney together with Pearl Jam alone would be fantastic and a blast from the early 90's.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Projection Booth: David Tennant in Fright Night(remake)

I usually hate remakes but if David Tennant (my personal favorite Doctor Who) plays the role of Peter Vincent vampire hunter and Russell Brand-ish looking host of Fright Night TV show in titular movie to the hilt then that alone is worth me sitting through a vampire movie. I don't really care for them with few exceptions( Lost Boys being one) but Colin Farrell as the villain and now David Tennant in this role.
Gotta say I'm salivating just a bit for this one. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Projection Booth:Thor

I should first off say that I don't know a huge amount about Thor's cannon except from the Ultimates and Civil War series as well as bits and pieces here and there like Beta Ray Bill but I wasn't expecting that to be addressed anytime soon.
I honestly wasn't familiar with the characters past Thor, Loki and Odin but I don't find that a hinderance seeing as that means I came into the movie without my typical "geek eyes" on like I did with X-men, The Watchmen, Iron Man or even when I watched the abortion that was Rob Zombie's Halloween remake.
I can say that although I was really looking for some more epic action I totally dug the film. It could have taken itself too seriously since Thor is obviously steeped in Norse mythology but it gives you a good Marvel interpretation of the material and without getting too heady on us. Caveat to that, I'm not say that a heady comic book movie is bad just that it wasn't talking over the head of the audience.
Asgard was beautiful as I imagined it would be. Anthony Hopkins was great and restrained enough when dealing with the Shakespearean power struggles.
Chris Helmsworth was damn near perfect casting as the titular character. He got the fish out of water confusion that Thor experiences once he comes to the "Earth realm". As per usual in the stand alone comic book movies they have to add a love story even if this one wasn't fully realized like other superhero films (cough*Superman Returns*cough). I love Natalie Portman and her role worked well enough without making you roll your eyes.
And a nice shout to Stellan Skarsgard for his scene stealing especially in the bar scene or I should say after. It was pitch perfect. Same goes for Kat Denning, more so for her comic relief, keeping things lite in the right spots.

Tom Hiddleston, wow was he amazing. He almost drew sympathy into the typically mischievous Loki. You felt a bit of his pain in being second fiddle to Thor in the eyes of Odin. Totally believable as to his motivations. I am looking forward to him as the main? villian in The Avengers next year.
I did expect the movie to be longer and was surprised when I began to realize the story was wrapping up. Not to give too many spoilers but I thought that Thor would have remained on Earth a while longer considering how he ended up there but I suppose they plan on bring him back in The Avengers so I guess its understandable.

I was really sad to see the Hawkeye cameo was so little and wasted. Great to show he will be in the Avengers BUT I'd have loved to see a bit more of his relationship with S.H.E.I.L.D. Again I suppose its another reason to watch The Avengers. Sucks though that this is all leading up to that movie and then what...? Spin off movies or a sequel to the star studded ensemble film? I have no idea. Probably both.
Also sad we didn't see Tony Stark, though he was mentioned a few times or any illusions to Captain America since thats the next attraction in two months time.

Overall I'd give the movie a "B" bordering on "B+". Very entertaining but more or less just a way of not having to explain too much when Thor shows up in the Avengers movie.

PS. loved the matte paintings throughout the film. 

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Modest Mouse/Big Boi working together?????

Sounds like Modest Mouse is working on their new album and they have Outkast member Big Boi helping them out.

Thanks to that which is Twitter we get this gem from the Grammy winning rapper:
“Me and @mouche1 in the studio workin with Modest Mouse on their new album Turnt up ! Shout out to Issac and the crew!” He added, “Real Rock Star Shit !” A few hours later: “Been camped out in the Lab with Modest Mouse all week, workin on the new mouse LP, coolest cats ever. Long Live The Funk.”

Wonder if we will be getting him as a producer on a song or maybe there will be a Mouse/Boi rap indie rap song. Personally I'd prefer the former than the latter. I think Big Boi does have some pretty good talent in the production side. Might bring out some interesting music from the Modest ones. Though I would most likely predict that having Big Boi's voice actually on a track or two will be awful if not an embarrassing misstep. And seeing as Issac and crew had some great great gems from "No One's First and You're Next", the last thing I want to see is them take any steps backwards. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt not to make some "rap rock" mistake. 

Honestly I'd have thought that Andre 3000 woulda been much more likely to work with a rad band like Modest Mouse.
I'm hoping Johnny Marr is still going to be playing the ambient guitarist to Issac Brock's lead.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Zombie Jesus Day

Its like halloween without the drunken dressing up. This year I'm gonna try and squeeze in Night of the living dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Cemetery Man and either Dead Alive(Braindead) or Re-Animator or if I need a laugh, Zombieland (its slowly becoming a new classic c'mon admit it. Zombie Bill Murray I mean GENIUS!)

I did have a brilliant idea though tonight for starting next year.
I think the friday before should be known as Snuff Film Day and you start with Passion of the Christ( one of the best snuff films to come out of a major studio EVER) obviously for starters, then watch 8mm, and as many Faces Of Death movies as you can stomach. I'd even say throw in Funny Games for a bit of levity and a self nod to humanity's sadistic brutal nature.
Also you could watch the documentary "SNUFF: Killing on Camera" (I highly recommend not just because my friend Rock n Roll Ray Whalen is featured in it)
Sounds like a proper way to fully celebrate the killing of a man who never hurt anyone. I mean if you are gonna wear as well as nail up( pun intended) crucifixes all over, the exact device that was used to kill the guy you might as well go full bore and just celebrate killing for the sake of killing.
Now that would make for one HELL of a weekend.

Either way... enjoy your Zombie Jesus Day and bite the head off some peeps while you're at it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spin The Black Circle: The Gillespie Killings short tour

Minneapolis' very own The Gillespie Killings are mounting a short tour around the midwest area. If you haven't heard of them but love you'se self some face-melting solos and rock n roll flare wrapped in a crunchy shell of skate punk slathered in nacho cheese then you could should do well by hitting up their show. Appleton I'm looking in your direction.
Below is where they will be blowing through according to their facebook page.
So say hey, buy em some beer, just plain show these dudes some love.

  • When



  • Saturday, Apr 30
    10:30 pm
    Melody Inn
    Indianapolis, IN
    Bloody Knuckles Crew, General Bastard, Photian Schism

  • Sunday, May 1
    9:00 pm
    Now That's Class
    Cleveland, OH
    Powerhead Kids, Flannel Response

  • Tuesday, May 3
    8:00 pm
    Magic Stick Lounge
    Detroit, MI
    Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome, Robot Sphinx, Chances Are

  • Thursday, May 5
    9:30 pm
    The Maritme
    Appleton, WI

  • Friday, May 6
    9:00 pm
    The Lucky Gator Loft
    Chicago, IL
    The Neutron Bombs, I Love Rich, Velocicopter

  • Saturday, May 14
    8:00 pm
    The NOMAD World Pub
    Minneapolis, MN
    PUNK ROCK PROM w/ Tornado, Teenage Moods, Nice Purse, Sex Rays, The Debut, the f…

  • Friday, May 20
    4:00 pm
    Shuga Records
    Hoolie Fest 2011 More info.

  • Friday, Jun 24
    9:00 pm
    Rutland, OH
    Bowl Bash XVI w/ a shitload of other bands