Sunday, August 10, 2014

Projection Booth: Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains...(spoilers??)

Obadiah Stane, The Mandarin, Abomination, Ronan The Accuser, Malekith, Whiplash, Red Skull, Aldrich Killian, Winter Soldier, even Loki.
What do all of these villainous threats to our Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe at large have in common?
They were all defeated. Pretty easily.
And nearly all in the span on one movie (Loki gets two but he also gets his ass handed to him twice by the end of each movie).
What the MCU needs, nay, DEMANDS is a credible villain that stands triumphant at the end of one of these movies. It's the "Empire Strikes Back" theory where we all know that by the end of "Empire" it looks like all the "New Hope" is lost. Luke loses his hand, Han is Jabba's art deco, its all but over for the Rebels.
This dour ending what became the second act of a beloved trilogy raised the stakes for the characters the audience came to identify with.
You are left in doubt, "how could the bad guys not get what was coming to them?" It wasn't fair, but it sure as hell made you want to see the next movie to find out how our heroes persevered.
Marvel, please take notice on this. It's an easy road map. We all know you have a grand scheme and involves Thanos being behind everything but that doesn't mean he wins after every movie just because he is lurking in the shadows with his plan advancing in each installment in the MCU.
I have to stop and say I've got no clue as to what "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" is going to do, but if Marvel track record of villains is any indication of what I'm going to see, then Ultron is merely a bump in the road that leads to Thanos.
Meh. Meh. Meh.
That isn't to say that I won't be there opening weekend (which I can see is actually part of the problem reinforcing the formula) but I want to see something unexpected.
The Avengers left in shambles.
Watching another movie where a villain, who's rich backstory is truncated to make for one final 10 minute showdown is not really what I want to see nor what the Universe you've created deserves.
The formula is being copied by Warner with the DC universe and Fox with the X-Men and Spiderman series'.
If Fox was smarter with their forethought knowing that "X-Men: Apocalypse" was to follow "Days Of Futures Past", they first would have shown direct correlation from that movie's events into what causes X-Men: Apocalypse, not just that end stinger
Adding to that split "Apocalypse" into two movies with the first giving a great "how can they possibly stop him" cliffhanger. The former obviously didn't happen but the latter suggestion still could.
I believe Marvel should be beating everyone to the punch which would leave audiences both scratching their heads( guys it's ok to do that as long as you have the end game pre-determined) and salivating for your next movie. I know personally an "Empire Strikes Back" type ending on "Avengers 2" would fully renew my interest into the next 3 or 4 Marvel Universe movies the way the Nick Fury stinger at the end of the first "Iron Man" did for me when I saw that opening weekend.
That filled me with questions about all of what could be every time I went into another MCU movie. Just that little clip had my eagle eyes scouring every movie after for clues as to what it was leading towards. Now I know, so what's left to spark me to do that still?
As much as I love and come to expect stingers on the end of every movie we need more, Marvel needs to up the ante on why I should obsess over what might happen in all the MCU movies coming down the pipeline.
All of the Marvel movies are very much like television episodes where you can see the throughline even though they each can stand on their own but we haven't gotten that "oh SHIT!, how are they going to top it next season" feeling in quite awhile.
I am very much sick of the one and done villains that I don't have any time to invest in. By the time they are introduced I'm not even concerned with them because I know I'm going to see the final showdown rushed through and the respective villain exploded, vaporized or somehow neutralized. I'll enjoy the living shit out of the ride along the way but I don't expect the bad guy fight scene to be much since I already know another 4 or 5 movies have been scheduled in the coming years.
*Side note: "The Avengers" ending battle scene was pretty epic, I'll give it that*
The only way to jack up the tension and excitement for more installments is for the good guys to... lose.
You can't win every time. It makes every ending feel like getting the participation trophy in tee-ball. Everybody getting a trophy makes winning the first place trophy that much more meaningless.
The movie that came the closest to my desire was "The Dark Knight" which left me and I'd assume a majority of the audience wondering where the hell would Batman go from there,which was essentially becoming the villain in Gotham's eyes. We all know now that there was no plan for the third film to truly address that or if it did that plan was totally scrapped when Heath Ledger died. Had The Joker been able to return the same as he was in "The Dark Knight" (The Joker was caught but never definitively dealt with at the end of "TDK") we might have seen Batman deal with fighting crime while being cast as Gotham's bad man instead of "the Batman retiring and un-retiring" that we all suffered through in "The Dark Knight Rises".
I'm not some fan boy who has read every storyline and knows what should/could or will happen in the upcoming MCU movies but as fan of movies in general I want Marvel to give me back that spark or wonderment and excitement by doing something unexpected or otherwise riveting to give the future films a sense of urgency where its hard to sit still until the next Marvel superhero flick arrives.
Strong villains, heroes in real jeopardy. We can all be ok with the heroes taking a loss every now and again because we are all pretty confident that Marvel has a concrete end game for this whole universe they so meticulously set in motion all those years back.
Shock me, shock me, shock me....

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pod Radio: A Few Podcasts Worth Rattling Around Your Ear Cavities.

Much like Beatrix Kiddo rising out of The Lonely Grave of Paula Schultz, I'm back with  reviews, ideas, news and much much more pop culture word vomit. And to quote Veronica Sawyer "lick it up baby,".

Why not return with a quick few suggestions for your listening pleasure, in this case PODCASTS. All of which you can find in the iTunes store.

First I would highly recommend: "Nerdist Podcast". Hosted by Chris Hardwick of "Singled Out", "Attack Of The Show" fame flanked by friends Matt Mirra and Jonah Ray interview all the geek chic luminaries such as Marvel's Kevin Feige, Weird Al, Neil DeGrasse Tyson along with other comedy and celebrity guests. It's usually pretty funny listening to them riff on all the things that nerdy and gives some great insight into the comedy scene of the early 2000's in Los Angels. Suggested listening would be the 2013 live Comic-Con panel with Matt Smith talking about playing The Doctor for the last time and American beers.

Second on my list would be "F This Movie" which breaks down and usually heckles movies both new and old, infamous and beloved. Recorded in the Chicago area host Patrick Bromley and rotating group of friends share about new movies they've recently seen before launching into deconstruction of whichever movie has been chosen for each weeks podcast.   Insightful, sarcastic and a perfect conversational podcast on good film and bad movies. This is a podcast that is dripping in the ghost of Roger Ebert.

The third podcast and last I will go into detail about is a fairly new one. "Anxious and Angry" is the brainchild of Ryan Young best known from Minneapolis punk band "Off With Their Heads". You might assume this podcast would be themed around punk rock music and  that is about 2% correct. Mostly the topic that is covered is depression and anxiety and as a sufferer of both it's a very comforting show. Ryan talks to alot of his friends he has met through being in a band and most guests are in bands of their own but instead of spending the hour or so podcast talking about music he reads letters from listeners and dispenses advice while keeping things light and in perspective. "A&A" is pretty lo-fi as far as podcast go but it just adds to the charm. Brutally honest and sometimes heartbreaking but more often than not, it's as uplifting as a punk rock mental illness podcast can be. Suggested listening: Any episode with Stacey Dee from "Bad Cop, Bad Cop" who is Ryan's roommate.

Other recommends that I listen to on a regular basis to get me through each work day in no real order:
-IGN's playstation podcast "Podcast Beyond"
-"WTF with Marc Maron"
-"Dr. Drew Podcast"
-"We Hate Movies"
-"The Ross Report"
-"Sex Nerd Sandra"
-"How Did This Get Made"
-"The Cracked Podcast"
-" The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana"

You can find the latest 100 episodes in the iTunes store or on each podcast's respective website

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spin The Black Circle: Green Day trio of albums?!?

Is there really that much of a whiney, pseudo, political, rock ballad-y, music deficiency that we need THREE Green Day albums within 6 months?

Quick breakdown, hot off their "awesome" Broadway musical version of "American Idiot" Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool have decided that starting in September ( wait for it... wake me when september ends... rimshot) 2012 and then plopping in November and finally hitting the spittoon bucket in January 2013 we are going to be doused with new Green Day albums.
Pretentious much
Now let me stop and say I'm not one of these cock-slobbers that piss on a punk band for "selling out", as I could give a shit less how much you get to spend on making a record. I'm not gonna proclaim that "they were better on Lookout... meh meh bleh meh"
All I'm looking for is music in the same vein of that which made me a fan in the first place. It's not like I want a band i like to record the same album again and again. Switch it up a bit. There is a lot of wiggle room in there, try new elements, but to seem to abandon 98% of which made me dig your music in the first place is pretty much unforgivable. Don't give me the goddamned bait n' switch.
I don't like the term "punk rock" because there is so much that is lumped into that genre that doesn't really belong... for instance Yellowcard, X Ray Spex and Flogging Molly really have very little in common besides a somewhat similar tempo. "Punk rock" to me is more an ideal, a way of thinking, going against the mainstream. Not being some stale, hemoginized rock that appeals to and everyone no one. You don't have to play loud, dumb and fast to be "punk" but when I do use the term "punk rock" it's usually to describe a band that does play loud, dumb and fast, just the way Poppa likes it, actually my favorite bands do it up loud, SMART and fast.  The Talking Heads weren't typical "punk rock but they did hold the "punk" ideals I have always found so appealing. They were only about experimenting which is what drew me to them but if they released an album that was basically like "77" it would defeat the purpose of what i dug about them and I'd be pissing and moaning about that.

So I don't fault Green Day for experimenting, that really isn't my gripe, it's what they have shedded to end up in a place where they think its cool to release three albums in such short succession. First off, have you heard "b-sides"? Seems like these guys are cranking out songs faster than a chronic masturbator with two cocks.
I really enjoyed "Dookie" always hated the name but i digress on that point. I thoroughly enjoyed that album and was in heavy heavy rotation in my early teen years. Fucked up relationships, masturbation, not feeling comfortable anywhere were themes that made me adore Green Day. As they tore through simple slightly sloppy songs, they were almost MY "Ramones" if you will. I loved "39 Smooth", my grandmother for my birthday bought me "Kerplunk" and I played the shit outta that too. "Insomniac" had a little darker tone, bit rougher but I still dug it. It was a bit of a departure from the syrupy sweet sound on "Dookie" but I liked their experimentation still had all the right notes of what made me a fan to begin with. "Nimrod" is where they seemed to follow a much more poppy sound. Again pretty good, even if that damn "Time Of Your Life" shitty fucking ballad that became every graduation's song for years after had been played ad nauseum. "Worry Rock" "Take Back" "King For A Day" all song that were gems on that album. "Time Of Your Life" marked where flirtations with pop radio became cupping the balls of bland radio rock. Kind of the transition from "poppy punk" to "blaaaaaggggghhh rock".
Now I liked a fair amount of "Warning" it was good for what it was but you can see them going very catchy, playing at the pop radio crowd straying ever further from the roots of what made me like them to begin with.
Then they plopped out a greatest hits and then a b-sides record. Then somewhere between 2000 and 2004 Billie Joe jumps on the political bandwagon to seemingly keep "punk cred" even putting a song on NoFx frontman Fat Mike's Fat Wreck Chords comp "Rock Against Bush" but along the way they turned into some again I really dislike using the term, but "punk rock" version of Rush. "American Idiot" was a bloated corpse of an album with 9 minute songs that were three half-assed songs strung together with this terrible "suburban messiah" theme that crapped up the record. I hate concept albums and this was perfect example of why. Ego + too much studio time = this musical miscarriage that is "American Idiot". And when there isn't song so long that they put Angels and Airwaves to shame, there are bland gener-rock ballads. hhuuuuaaaahhhh! Not to mention the obvious rip off of Minneapolis' Dillinger Four on the single "American Idiot"
"Yeah let's have songs that criticize the president no one likes and we can reference the world trade attacks indirectly a couple of years after it's become chic. We can still be edgy and appeal to the masses"
Fuck you, ya ego driven fucks. This is where began when I was lost forever as a fan.
Then they record a live album which is basically "American Idiot" with a couple older songs where they criticize the president but it's recorded in ENGLAND! Capitalizing on the overseas distain for America, the fucking cowards.
Look I hated that fucking playground cowboy we got shafted with for 8 years as much as anyone could but it feels so cheap, to be so shitty and cliche' in the way you go after him. I'm just saying that there were bands who were much more creative in their rebukes on that administration.
Then, aahhhh, then we get 21st Century Breakdown. Again another cocksucking concept album, about as awesome as a narrative that Marilyn Manson might squeeze out. Broken up into three acts once again with songs that are smashed together like sitting between two obese guys riding in coach. Sweaty, smelly gross and an experience you never want to go through again. My teeth grate when I think about this album. Even those reviews that Rob Reiner reads to Spinal Tap about their albums ("Shark Sandwich= Shit Sandwich") are too warm than what this album deserves.
Hooray then released as unwelcomed as frogs in Australia one more live album this time in Tokyo.
These guys seem to think very fucking highly of their songwriting capabilities and seem to be more than happy to wring every last dime out of their fanbase. Then they made a musical of "American Idiot" and Billie Joe even played the "Jesus of Suburbia" character for a run. To quote The Ramones " D.U.M.B. everyone's accusing me"

Finally back to the matter at hand this year we are getting a golden shower of three albums cleverly titled: "Uno!", "Dos!" and "Tre!" The sheer gall of it is mind-boggling. From this band singing simple song about unrequited love, bumming around and being a fuck-up to these grandiose pant-loads that "make a statement" Yeah, the statement is you now make mongoloids for albums.
The worst part is that this latter day rim jobbing has tainted (puns are wonderful) my view on their older material. I've been so saturated with mediocre gener- Rawk and Roll meh meh (pretend I'm saying that with my face scrunched and in a mocking voice) that is has fucking ruined my enjoyment of once cherished songs. Maybe I'm getting old, maybe I'm jaded, I don't care. I have no earthly fucking desire to be ear raped by either of these three upcoming albums. This is what happens when you can afford to live in a studio, every song begins to sound like a keeper. Before we would get the dreaded double LP now we get a third toilet coater.
Atleast I still have my Nofx, Dillinger Four and The Lawrence Arms that won't let me down like an old drinking buddy sitting on the same stool, he might order a different drink now and again but it's still about getting shit-faced. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Boob Tube: The Walking Dead season 2 finale

Fucking WOW.
I think I have said that after every episode this season. Even with the first half of the season being heavy on talk and short on zombies, it was still just jaw dropping T.V.
Then shit got real when they came back to the second half of the season.

Spoilers will be below. Fair warning!

I haven't read the comic/graphic novel past vol. one "Days Gone By" but thanks to wikipedia I've briefly caught myself up on important plot points. Yes, they have switched some things up along the way. Otis not being killed so soon, Shane making it further into this plotline, Dale not getting his stomach ripped out this soon. This doesn't matter, it helps the T.V. adaptation be it's own monster.

Seeing Michonne show up at towards the end of this seasons finale to save Andrea who was stomping zombie skulls herself, was pretty rad.
 Being flanked by two armless zombies on chains and her sword was a fucking rad scene even though they didn't "show" her besides being a hooded shadow-y figure was still insane.

Laurie's reaction to finding out Rick killed Shane and then Carl putting down the reanimated Shane was priceless. Made me hate the hell out of her since she was the one who basically put the idea in Rick's head that Shane had to go. Not to mention the perfect expression on Rick's face when it dawns on him that Laurie had deeper feelings for Shane than he originally thought.
Rick's speech that "this is no longer a democracy" for those who still stick with the group next season was pitch perfect, seeing how his slice of life isn't exactly as he thought.
Ha, and I've discussed with friends how much Hershel didn't have to reload his shotgun. Pretty funny aside during the who farm invasion.
Infinite ammo code I suppose.

The opening teaser before the credits rolled with the helicopter flying overhead really left an avalanche of questions and that was like 45 seconds in give or take. That spurring on the herd of "walkers" that end up overrunning the farm was interesting, seeing them reacting to such a small bit of stimuli really made it extra scary. They still have some "human" abilities to understand what a helicopter flying by so quickly meant, to comprehend what they hear. How far they will travel for food, that there must be some sort of communication between them that so many followed the others.

Then there was the revelation of what Dr. Jenner told Rick at the CDC. That has always made the zombie apocalypse isn't exactly a disease or virus, EVERYONE eventually will become a walker. That is truly terrifying. There is no cure. That famous tagline from Dawn of the Dead "when there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth" Chilling. It makes me so happy that it isn't some man made virus that caused this.

Now we have about 6 months to sit and stew over what happens in season 3. We know Michonne figures in, the last scene of the episode revealing the prison, which I'm guessing will loom big throughout the season.
I've heard that The Governor has been cast makes me wonder if they will shorten the prison storyline so they can get to the town or will he be a building block added to the prison storyline?
There will be some changes made of course to further separate themselves from the comics which is fine, I'm guessing some of the rape stuff that is suppose to be in the comics will be whitewashed in the show or not addressed at all. I've heard rumors that Michael Rooker will be returning next season. Will it be another hallucination of Daryl's or is he going to show up for real and we find out how he got out of Atlanta? I am so amped to find these things out. I have this sneaking suspicion that Merle led the walkers to the campsite in the first season resulting in the massive attack and exodus. Just my guess though.

OH one thing I have not addressed that wanted to was how blown away I have been with the "walker" special effects. I'm ecstatic to see that they have been using so much practical real world make up effects and been relatively light on CGI which I feel so many movies and to a lesser extent shows have relied on as a crutch in recent years. Good ol fashion Tom Savini-esque effects really put the meat in the show visually. I can't even fathom the budget they are allowed. Kudos for putting the resources behind the effects team.
It pays off in spades.
I think I'm done gushing for now. I believe I have covered most of the observations i came up with.
I now have to wait until Netflix Instant adds it so I can rewatch the entire season in two days or less.
As much as I love the summetime, I wanna skip it to get to October and start finding out what happens in the 3rd season. Maybe I'll get my hands on the graphic novels so I can catch up with it's storylines so I can anticipate this third installment later this year.
So fucking good.
Fucking WOW!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Projection Booth: Nightmare On Elm St. 2 real-time blogging

Real time commentary as I'm watching Nightmare On Elm St. 2 Freddy's Revenge ( the most unintentional gay horror movie of the 80's)

1. The sister is eating a cereal called Fu Man Chews where she gets claw fingernails.
2. The horrible grandma couch in the living room.
3. The generic Tiffany-esque female lead.
4. They offer archery in gym class for the girls while (macho) baseball for the guys in short shorts.
5. bare ass wrestling between to guys within the first 10 minutes
6.there is apparently "an S&M joint" somewhere in downtown Springwood
7. Jesse has a nurse's shirt for a night shirt and he wears high tops to come down for a midnight snack
8. Jesse screams like a woman.
9. Jesse has a pretty sweet swatch
10. Nobody in class including the teacher noticed when a clasmate snuck over and grabs the snake from his cage to put on Jesse with he is sleeping in class.
11. Jesse sure likes some pussy R&B music and this dance/unpacking sequence is very gay with his gripping the screwdriver at his crotch and the ass bumping his drawer closed.
12. Jesse has a game called "probe" in his closet
13. He has a sign on his door that says "No Outta Town Chicks"
14. The guy playing Jesse is very very effeminate.
15. The constant shots of him dripping with sweat in bed.
16. The top of the basement stairs has a page ripped out of a magazine that looks like it might be Debbie Gibson.
17. The parents haven't bothered to see why the house is so hot until they let it get to 97 degrees. Wouldn't you think at maybe 80 to turn down the thermostat?
18. Heat makes parakeets go homicidal as well as spontaneously combust
19. the dad thinks that cheap bird feed will make them explode.
20. Zach called. Probably code for meet Slater and Screech at the S&M Bar and bring an umbrella
21. It's always a good idea to wander out in a downpour where you'll find your coach at a sleazy punk/leather bar.
22. When in doubt ask for "beer" and you'll get a highball glass as well.
23. Your coach will make you run laps when he sees you in public before making you shower while he gets out his whips and leather vest
24.The coach doesn't think its terribly odd that balls are flying at him
25.another bare ass man this time getting whipped, yup definitely not homoerotic
26. The dad thinks his son is on drugs when he is found by the cops in the rain wandering around naked.
27. The kid needs a "meth-a-don" clinic
28. more sweaty naked Jesse
29. C'mon Cheryl how did you think we got such a good deal on this house? Boom... the toaster starts on fire while unplugged
30. Letting you girl-friend take you to an abandoned powerplant that the guy you are dreaming about use to kill kids at is a great idea.
31.that blue oversized sweater is so stylish with its single button unbuttoned.
32. Maybe if Lisa wasn't wearing an ugly smock for shirt Jesse might be able to fight his homo urges and try to "make himself" straight.
33. Its not creepy at all that you are standing over your pre-teen sister all sweaty
34. big bags under your eyes is considered "looking better" to mom
35. The guy who bullies Jesse also seems to be his friend.
36. Bully/friend Grady looks rad in white khakis
37. Girl-friend's dad doesn't like splashing while he is grilling up wieners for the teenagers
38.Girl can't take a hint that Jesse likes boys
39. Slow reach in only to kiss his cheek. Awkward makeout sesh while the parents get drunk on their tacky bedroom set.
40. lights out means party, even if the parents aren't even asleep.
41. Jesse is a motorboatin' sonofabitch
42. Jesse's tongue looks like a black man's cock.
43. He runs away and into his bully/friend's bedroom while he was sleeping.
44. "There is something inside of me" "I'm scared, something is trying to get into my body"- classic dialogue
45. cue more homoerotic dialogue
46. There is never anything good on when I have to watch my crazy friend sleep
47.great special effects work. Like American Werewolf in London type transformation
48. Best chest bursting scene since Alien
49. The classic movie command "This is your father, open the door" never works
50. The cops show up really quickly.
51. Coca Cola fueled makeout poolside
52. Lisa isn't creeped out that the guy she likes comes barging in all bloody confessing murder. "But I can change him, he's different when it's just the two of us"
53. Ok who put the firecrackers in the hotdogs?
54. Teenage heat is makin me crazy
55. Yes, throw a lace cloth at Freddy. That'll stop him.
56. Freddy's in the mood for rape
57. Yum,  nothing says a party like strawberry shortcake
58. That is the worst stabbing attempt in history
59. Freddy.... or I guess nothing? just smashed through the french doors
60. damn, Freddy is trashing our pool furniture.
61. Awesome, this dude thinks he can play hostage negotiator with Freddy Krueger " Help yourself Fucker!"
62. Shotgunnin the Bogeyman, if only dad could aim.
63. Fire walk with me
64.Smart Lisa,you were nearly killed so drive tot he place wher Freddy raped and murdered the little kids.
65. "How are we gonna make it scary at the powerplant?" "I know, dogs with weird fat kid masks on"
66. Hey steaming pipes, lets touch it
67. creepy rat, no problem, creepy cat, wait creepy cat? Run away.
68. Jesse doesn't like the pussy, that's ok more for Freddy.
69. Gay boy kryponite is apparently when his fag-hag says "I Love You"
70. Love conquers all, even the bogeyman.
71. If Freddy was burned once wouldn't he almost be immune to being burned again?
72. Eww its smells like burnt dog hair, wait, its just Jesse.
73. Looks like Jesse went "across the street" not "down the road"
74. Yes Jesse, Lisa would not like you to talk about your homo past. Pretend to like the vag, atleast until the end of high school.
75. I didn't know Springwood IL was near a desert, hmmm guess I've never been in south Illinois

And that concludes my real time viewing of Nightmare on Elm St. 2 Freddy's Dead. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Projection Booth: An Open Letter To Bill Murray

Mr. Murray,
I am writing on behalf of most likely every "Ghostbusters" fan, that holds out hope of a third film.
We would be very pleased if you agreed to appear in the fabled movie. Actually we would be ecstatic, over the moon happy to if you were to star in it. I demand that you star in it.
I'm a huge fan of your work personally from "Stripes" to "Caddyshack" and all the way up to "Life Aquatic" and "Broken Flowers". I love your style of humor. The way you fully flesh out the characters you portray is a joy to watch infinitely entertaining. But one role stands out above the rest and that would be Dr. Peter Venkman.

I grew up watching "Ghostbusters" since I was 5 years old, I wanted to be a ghostbuster when I grew up. It tops my list of not only favorite comedy but favorite movie, period.
I watch it on average of every two months give or take. It only gets better with each viewing. I watch it when I'm sick, when it's rainy out, with friends, sometimes just to quote along with the movie. I had it on VHS then in high school got it on DVD and then on Blu-Ray. I'm a massive fan. I loved the video game, played it over and over to hear your voice work.
Your portrayal of Dr. Pete Venkman is stunning. The subtle deadpanned delivery is so great. The way you brought Dr. Venkman to life as a sarcastic cocky ghost catcher and made him a classic memorable character is awesome. I know that the quotability from the movie was the writing but you were the one who made him worth quoting.
When I was growing up I wanted to be funny and self-assured like Pete.
Screw Han Solo, Pete Venkman was the coolest character from a movie that I wanted to be like. "Ghostbusters" is a modern day masterpiece of a movie.

"Ghostbusters 2" was somewhat of a letdown but thats because the bar was so high from the first one, which a third film can only go up from second. I've heard that "Ghostbusters 2"'s script was originally very different from the version we got but use that experience to guide the second sequel into better territory story-wise.
Sure "Ghostbusters 2" suffered from a bit of a weak story but it was you as Dr. Venkman that kept it afloat. I always saw the first film it was kind of a horror movie with comedic elements and the second was a comedy with some supernatural elements and I think thats where it suffered. The first film was kind of scary or creepy might be a better word but the second one was lacking that and I think that the other characters were watered down versions of themselves in "2" except for how you played Venkman. You kept it true to the spirit of what you did in the first film and it was made the movie more watchable. I would have liked the script to be more the same as the first in tone but sometimes sequels have that problem. The best part of the movie was Dr. Venkman even with the souped up love-y storyline between Dana and Pete which kinda dragged the second one down. I recognize that the "what-could-have-beens" potential with the second one probably makes you not want to appear in the potential third film but it NEEDS YOU.
I like Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson's roles in the movies but without you as Pete Venkman a third movie would be shit. I haven't read the script for it but I'm sure you have and obviously you didn't enjoy it or find it compelling. Even if it isn't what you'd hope it would be but help them get it to a worthy script if need be. I do not want them to recast the role or even write in some lame reason for your character not to be in the movie.

I've heard you said something to the effect that "nobody wants to pay to see a couple of old men chasing ghosts" but I and I bet a ton of fans would disagree. You are what makes "Ghostbusters" so cool. Sure the ghosts are a big attraction but you make it worth watching. It would be a disaster if you weren't in a third movie. I'd love to see you throughout the entire movie but even if you were in just part of the movie it would be miles better than if you weren't in it at all. It would be a shit-tastic disaster if they recast Dr. Venkman.
I know you don't need to do this movie, you've got a great life right now but we as fans need you to do this movie. I've always wanted to see more of your version of Dr. Venkman. Please don't let the opportunity to close out the story on a high note as Ghostbusters 2 had too much of a cheesy ending. Just because the characters are older doesn't mean that they can't be effective and entertaining.

I really really hope you finally decide to appear in "Ghostbusters 3". I would be heartbroken if we didn't get a third movie or even worse of you are replaced. I understand the many reasons you may have for not doing a third film but don't let them get in the way of helping find closure with these characters, especially Dr. Venkman. You probably have a lot of leverage to get the script the way you would like to see it.  If you were soured on another sequel because of what part 2 started as and ended as, just think of the fans who would be so happy to see you in the brown jumpsuit one more time.

A pretty damn big fan

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spin The Black Circle: You Can Shove Your Concept Albums...

I really like that “Chris Gaines” album- Said by no one EVER

I hate concept albums/rock operas. More or less detest them save for a infinitesimal few records.
Which also is not to say that I don't love songs from these type of records, I just hate the bloated ideas and pedestrian indulgences that come from them. These usually are spawned out of a musician becoming an "artist". 
As Gene Simmons of Kiss once said, "You're an artist? Then paint my house bitch" 

Be it Meatloaf's "Bat Out Of Hell", The Who's "Tommy", Coheed and Cambria's entire catalog or Marilyn Manson's... well anything they have released aside from "Smells Like Children", listening to these concept albums are asinine and most often boring. 
I realized how much I despise this type of musical endeavor from being subjected to Meatloaf's aforementioned album from 1977 while at work.
It's a overblown story having something to do with teenagers fucking in a car and getting married. All I hear when that plays is like 9 minutes of Meatloaf simply singing "like a bat outta heeeeeellllllllll!!" over and over.
 Fucking bleh!
"Tommy" from The Who, being the story of a blind, deaf, and mute pinball genius( pinball seriously?) who becomes a latter day jesus which to me proves that people are dumb and put faith in the stupidest things. And if I remember correctly there is also an insinuation of a molesting uncle in there somewhere too.(though maybe I'm still thinking about some Marilyn Manson song but i digress) 
The only song that is halfway memorable is "Pinball Wizard" otherwise I couldn't tell you how a single song goes from that album. 
I get too exhausted trying to follow the narrative.
Oh, while mentioning "Tommy" I have to throw out there Green Day's "American Idiot" which if Billie Joe Armstrong is really honest, is nearly an exact rip-off of "Tommy". And like "Tommy" there is only one memorable song so named after the album from which it is spawned. 

When I was 15 I was dumb enough to think that Marilyn Manson's "Antichrist Superstar" was some work of genius. FALSE!
As the years have progressed I've come to understand that it is some lame attempt to channel Alice Cooper, the Devil and the Christian view of the apocalypse all flattened together to make a fruit roll up of a shock rock story of again some other type of cult-ish figure. 
I dunno what it is with all these band's obsession with messiah figures. I'll let someone else psychoanalyze, I just wanna spew vitriol that they do. 
Oh another shit-tastic concept album is Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and talk about over hyped. Absolutely wretched to endure.
Oh fuck, that Angels and Airwaves band, pure musical masturbation as so many concept albums are.
Last one I will pick on is Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. They reason it is so lauded I think is because when people are in high school and start to experiment with drugs they are told from older kids how amazing it is. It isn’t. Its at best a record with one great song and then you have to listen to the rest and to make matters worse, which seems somewhat common with concept albums, it is a two disc or multiple vinyl record. So much unnecessary bravado that it was spewed past just one disc.

I'm sure this sounds like an Ipod generation pissing and moaning about not wanting to listen to an entire album. Perhaps a child of singles who are too hyper-active that can’t understand the value of “art form” of an extended story. Very much not the case, I actually enjoy listening to an LP from beginning to end. I absolutely enjoy it when a record has a cohesive flow to it. 
Starts up and builds then cools it down before bringing back to a great ending. A sonic rollercoaster if you will. That’s a great thing and so many bands can accomplish just that without having to stoop to concept albums. Thematic elements can make a record a classic but without stroking the musicians ego to the point of decadence.

For instance, AC/DC's "Back in Black" is basically entirely about getting pussy but it isn't a stupid story about getting laid. Similar themes yet not necessarily having to listen to the entire album to understand idea of chasing tail. 
Also the Replacements made great music which could be said that a fair amount of the songs have similar themes but they never indulged in musical masturbation. Even though Paul Westerberg is an extremely song writer he never let his ego outweigh what the band was about.

What bugs me the most is when a band mistakes a common thread linking the songs with having to make some epic statement. If you want to tell a story write a damn book or a fucking screen play, then maybe I'll care because that way they have editors that can give criticisms before it makes it to print. Concept albums strike me as a songwriter convincing him or herself that their grandiose ideas are good. Almost always they aren't. 

There are a few of these type of musical endeavor that I do enjoy, Weezer’s “Pinkerton” is one, can be enjoyed on a level of a great emo/rock record but then you can see the songs together as a updated version of M. Butterfly. I do not remember the band making a big deal of this, they just kind of let the audience figure it out for themselves.
I dig “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars” which is one of the most famous concept albums and has probably inspired tons of terrible attempts of bands creating their own “Ziggy Stardust”. I really like this album because nearly every song on the album can be heard singularly and not get lost in in the overall message of the album. Perfect job of straddling  that line of intent without being bastardizing the experience.

Here are a just couple others that I can exempt from my hatred:

Modest Mouse “We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank”
The Lawrence Arms- “The Greatest Story Ever Told”
Arcade Fire “ The Suburbs”

Lastly I want to re-iterate that hating a concept album does not mean that I don’t like songs off of them, just that the idea on a whole fucking blows.
I’m not gonna for shame anyone who enjoys these as god  knows they have their reasons but I just find those records to be one or two decent to great songs and the rest is just wasting time and space.
Oh and I’m also not saying in the least that albums without concepts behind them aren’t also completely fucking dreadful. Those horrible ear rapes are another rant altogether.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spin The Black Circle: Doomtree, Lucero, Banner Pilot, Get Rad in Madison

Coming up in the next month or so there are some pretty rad musical acts coming to Madison.

First on 3/3/12 invading The Frequency are Minneapolis pop punk (focus on the punk) band Banner Pilot.
B.P. is on Fat Wreck Chords and boasts members from Off With Their Heads they have slightly more of a Hot Water Music sound as opposed to OWTH who are akin to Kid Dynamite. They are supporting "Heart Beats Pacific" which is a killer release. I've gotten to catch them up in MPLS at the Triple Rock and they are a blast live.

Then on 3/9/12 playing at The Sett on the UW campus are another Minneapolis must see, hip-hop collective Doomtree. They just dropped "No Kings" last November and it has been on steady rotation ever since. P.O.S., Dessa, Mike Mictlan, Sims, Cecil Otter have been a constant on the MPLS hip-hop scene which is bubbling something fierce with tons of talent. Each have albums of their own that are phenomenal gems, each with very different vibes but still keep a common thread that makes it extra special when they come together. Each compliment's each others style to create some very dynamic songs and its a damn shame that they haven't crossed over to some more mainstream love. Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger keep the beats popping for the group. Last year they ended their U.S. tour at the High Noon Saloon and if you caught that show, you know this might be top ten shows this year.

Here's a crazy fucking show on 3/24/12 at the Dragonfly Lounge (which I have yet to experience) is Posi-core heroes Get Rad straight outta beer city: Milwaukee. On the 18th they've also got a show in Milwaukee with In Defence.
Get Rad shows are just plain ape shit crazy and awesome. Hardcore lovers need to add "Say Fuck No To Rules" to their collection post haste. Get Rad ranks swell with members from other Wisconsin heavy acts such as Since By Man, KungFu Rick Textbook Traitors, Seven Days of Samsara and Party By The Slice.
You brain will rattle for days after and thats a good thing. Opening is The Enabler.

Next Month on 4/5/12 we got Lucero making a Madison stop at The Majestic and the opener William Elliot Whitmore. Its hard to pin down Lucero's sound, firmly rooted in punk philosophy they toss in a healthy dose of country twang. Its a raucous mix that could convert fans of either genre. I got to catch them in the summer of 2010 at the High Noon Saloon and it was an experience I won't ever forget, it was electric. Lucero is releasing "Women & Work" on March 13th which I for one cannot wait to get my hands on.

Just these four shows alone make this early spring a great start for music this year

Post-Michael Scott Office news

From the sounds of it, the creepy new CEO Robert California( James Spader) from this season of The Office is already leaving.
He was introduced as a possible replacement for Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) but Andy ended up with the job when California convinced the owner of Dunder-Mifflin/Saber( Kathy Bates) to take over her job instead.
I found him to be minimally funny, much more of an aloof jerk with a superiority complex. Probably what they were going for but I didn't find him very dynamic. Not to say that Ed Helm's Andy is very interesting either as head of the office. Atleast Robert California won't over stay his welcome and leave the show while the writers have some halfway funny bits for him.

The only thing, to me, that has been keeping this season afloat has been the continuing Jim/ Dwight antagonist storyline that has progressed throughout the show. But I wonder how much longer that will go on since there have been rumors that Dwight will be getting a spin-off focusing on Schrute Farms.
I'm guessing that The Office has run it's course as they sputter into the 10th season. Season 9 next year will be a good barometer if the show has any legs to even make it to season 10. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Seth Rogen gets to insult everyone

how great would the Oscars have been if this how it started out. I love his dig at the Grammys

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Right in the Baby-maker

Hope anyone who followed my twitter feed enjoyed my Oscars sarcasm laden live tweeting. It was fun
Anyway on to my latest rant.

I hate the Police. Not law enforcement but the band. I was at work today and someone played what must have been their greatest hits and fuck me is it awful. I was especially annoyed with a song that goes "doo doo doo, dah dah dah"(That might even be the name of it) throughout the entire song.  Its fucking idiotic. I can't even begin to describe how much I detest that damn song.
Songs that don't go anywhere lyrically annoy the living shit out of me. And as much as I use to like them, I feel the same way about the Beastie Boys. They've been writing the same song over and over. The backing music is different but all they do is boast about their lyrical prowess. Save for a select few songs ("Sabotage", "Paul Revere", No Sleep til Brooklyn") its just different ways of saying the same thing. It gets hot damned boring. Took me a while to really notice it then listening to a song off their newest album, no clue what the name was, but it dawned on me that I've heard it before. Not that song but what they were saying wasn't anything new. The songs don't go anywhere.
Now take hip hop artists like Atmosphere, Kanye West they can spit about how great they are but they tell a story along the way. As much as I dislike him as an artist, I have some respect for Eminem's lyrical skill. I guess when I listen to music, the instruments take a backseat to lyrics. I can listen to NoFx play the same three chords in every song but the words make my mind work and imagine what they are talking about.  Probably why I hate techno and dance music so much. Its repetitive and asinine.
I'm most likely just getting old and jaded but so much doesn't thrill me anymore. I'd rather hear Willie Nelson spin a story for me than listen to a group as utterly useless like LMFAO(blehhhh)

Friday, June 10, 2011

For your Eyes Only...

So looks like I might not be updating this site much in the near future... Why? Well, I have been accepted to contribute to I'm gonna have to familiarize myself with Wordpress to accomplish this but doesn't seem to be terribly hard from what I've watched insomuch as tutorials on youtube.
So I'm excited to begin writing for them. I'm gonna have up my entertainment news searching up a notch.
I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Keep your eyes peeled for postings from Radish on SC. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Handle your Joystick: PSN IS BACK!!!

Finally the full playstation network up and running on all cylinders (well almost, its a bit slow on the uptake)

The Store has been restored after almost two months of being down. You can redeem your "welcome back" rewards which includes TWO free PS3 games and TWO psp games( if you have that thing) as well as a 30 day subscription to Playstation Plus which gives ya some games cheaper and other free stuff.
If you already are a part of that then you get 60 days free. They are also offering free movie rentals this weekend only.
Not too shabby.
Its kinda wigging out at the moment because so many users are trying to get their free shit but if you have some patience then you get the sweet rewards that we deserve because of every playstation network users initial freak out that their identities had been stolen via Sony's servers when hackers attacked their servers back in the middle of April.
I know I was checking my credit statements like a madman when I heard my credit card info might have been in jeopardy but lucky thus far it doesn't look like it has happened. Thank fuckin god for that. I've heard that that dealing with identity theft is something that should be reserved for those in the 9th circle of hell.
Last week was great once the multiplayer feature was restored now I cannot wait to dig some late night hours into imFamous and Wipeout HD tonight.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HELP Spin the Black Circle: Matt Pryor's new Solo project "May Day"

I was a late to the game Get Up Kids fan, I started my journey on "On A Wire" which I would play late on snowy night drives home from work. I have especially fond memories of a particular night with fresh snow and a full moon while "Walking on a Wire" was playing.
After being hooked on that album I ate up everything they did. I got the back catalog, listened to any of the member's side projects and with the exception of Reggie and the Full Effect's "song not to get married to"( which helped me through a trying breakup) I've found that Matt Pryor's musical endevours have always had a special place in my heart. Everytime I had tickets or a chance to see TGUK play live I've been deathly ill. But I did once get a chance to see Matt play a solo set on his Confidence Man tour at the Triple Rock Social Club a few years back along with Chris Conley from Saves the Day (who played drunken acoustic sing-along renditions of S.T.D. favorites).
When The New Amsterdam's released "Killed or Cured"( which still gets many many spins) for free to download I was ecstatic.
Matt has also dropped two kids albums under the moniker The Terrible Twos which one of the highlights is a song titled "Lady Bug" that I love to sing to my daughter. Plus the song "Smickey" always makes me giggle, the little kid in me can't get enough.

The Get Up Kids newest album is still in my musical digestion process. I'm enjoying it, its different, a bit more electronic-tinged than I thought I would hear from TGUK but its overall pretty great. Though I am sick of one of the songs, which I hear 4 times a day at work. I think its awesome its getting play there but hearing it so often makes you not want to hear it again.
But I digress on that.

The point of this post is news that Matt Pryor from TGUK is trying to independently release his newest solo acoustic album he has titled "May Day" ,seeing as he recorded it throughout the month of May.
Ok so this is the call to all you Get Up Kids, Terrible Twos, New Amsterdam fans to come to action. Matt has set up a Kickstarter account to raise funds to release the album without the typical major label or even independent label support. Sure Radiohead is taking a new approach to getting their albums out to their fans and I'm really interested in Matt's approach on with distribution of his music. Anything that helps send the message to the major label system that to quote NoFx" Dinosaurs Will Die".
Alright then, you have your mission. Go forth and help a good musician get his music to the masses via the people who actually will enjoy the aforementioned music.
Below is the link for you to donate some cash to make this album's release a reality. Plus he explains it much better than I ever could on his page.
Depending on how much you donate it you have the option to receive something in return. All the way from a simple digital download to the amazing option of having an original composition written just for you or even a private show for you and friends.
I hope this helps to get you to bring this project to fruition.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Projection Booth: I'm "Green With Envy"

WATCH,WATCH,WATCH,WATCH,WATCH and let the little kid in you eek with excitement.

This is gonna be epic and so great. I love how the trailer head-fakes you right from the start with a terrible romantic comedy then it slams you in the face with glorious felt awesomeness. Once the full trailer hits I will be jumping up and down like the 10 year old inside me is on a massive sugar high.


Seriously, Jason Segel and Gonzo in the same movie, I just hope he gets to share some screen time with Camilla and no I'm not talking about Prince Charles' woman.