Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pod Radio: A Few Podcasts Worth Rattling Around Your Ear Cavities.

Much like Beatrix Kiddo rising out of The Lonely Grave of Paula Schultz, I'm back with  reviews, ideas, news and much much more pop culture word vomit. And to quote Veronica Sawyer "lick it up baby, lick...it...up".

Why not return with a quick few suggestions for your listening pleasure, in this case PODCASTS. All of which you can find in the iTunes store.

First I would highly recommend: "Nerdist Podcast". Hosted by Chris Hardwick of "Singled Out", "Attack Of The Show" fame flanked by friends Matt Mirra and Jonah Ray interview all the geek chic luminaries such as Marvel's Kevin Feige, Weird Al, Neil DeGrasse Tyson along with other comedy and celebrity guests. It's usually pretty funny listening to them riff on all the things that nerdy and gives some great insight into the comedy scene of the early 2000's in Los Angels. Suggested listening would be the 2013 live Comic-Con panel with Matt Smith talking about playing The Doctor for the last time and American beers.

Second on my list would be "F This Movie" which breaks down and usually heckles movies both new and old, infamous and beloved. Recorded in the Chicago area host Patrick Bromley and rotating group of friends share about new movies they've recently seen before launching into deconstruction of whichever movie has been chosen for each weeks podcast.   Insightful, sarcastic and a perfect conversational podcast on good film and bad movies. This is a podcast that is dripping in the ghost of Roger Ebert.

The third podcast and last I will go into detail about is a fairly new one. "Anxious and Angry" is the brainchild of Ryan Young best known from Minneapolis punk band "Off With Their Heads". You might assume this podcast would be themed around punk rock music and  that is about 2% correct. Mostly the topic that is covered is depression and anxiety and as a sufferer of both it's a very comforting show. Ryan talks to alot of his friends he has met through being in a band and most guests are in bands of their own but instead of spending the hour or so podcast talking about music he reads letters from listeners and dispenses advice while keeping things light and in perspective. "A&A" is pretty lo-fi as far as podcast go but it just adds to the charm. Brutally honest and sometimes heartbreaking but more often than not, it's as uplifting as a punk rock mental illness podcast can be. Suggested listening: Any episode with Stacey Dee from "Bad Cop, Bad Cop" who is Ryan's roommate.

Other recommends that I listen to on a regular basis to get me through each work day in no real order:
-IGN's playstation podcast "Podcast Beyond"
-"WTF with Marc Maron"
-"Dr. Drew Podcast"
-"We Hate Movies"
-"The Ross Report"
-"Sex Nerd Sandra"
-"How Did This Get Made"
-"The Cracked Podcast"
-" The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana"

You can find the latest 100 episodes in the iTunes store or on each podcast's respective website

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