Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Projection Booth: An Open Letter To Bill Murray

Mr. Murray,
I am writing on behalf of most likely every "Ghostbusters" fan, that holds out hope of a third film.
We would be very pleased if you agreed to appear in the fabled movie. Actually we would be ecstatic, over the moon happy to if you were to star in it. I demand that you star in it.
I'm a huge fan of your work personally from "Stripes" to "Caddyshack" and all the way up to "Life Aquatic" and "Broken Flowers". I love your style of humor. The way you fully flesh out the characters you portray is a joy to watch infinitely entertaining. But one role stands out above the rest and that would be Dr. Peter Venkman.

I grew up watching "Ghostbusters" since I was 5 years old, I wanted to be a ghostbuster when I grew up. It tops my list of not only favorite comedy but favorite movie, period.
I watch it on average of every two months give or take. It only gets better with each viewing. I watch it when I'm sick, when it's rainy out, with friends, sometimes just to quote along with the movie. I had it on VHS then in high school got it on DVD and then on Blu-Ray. I'm a massive fan. I loved the video game, played it over and over to hear your voice work.
Your portrayal of Dr. Pete Venkman is stunning. The subtle deadpanned delivery is so great. The way you brought Dr. Venkman to life as a sarcastic cocky ghost catcher and made him a classic memorable character is awesome. I know that the quotability from the movie was the writing but you were the one who made him worth quoting.
When I was growing up I wanted to be funny and self-assured like Pete.
Screw Han Solo, Pete Venkman was the coolest character from a movie that I wanted to be like. "Ghostbusters" is a modern day masterpiece of a movie.

"Ghostbusters 2" was somewhat of a letdown but thats because the bar was so high from the first one, which a third film can only go up from second. I've heard that "Ghostbusters 2"'s script was originally very different from the version we got but use that experience to guide the second sequel into better territory story-wise.
Sure "Ghostbusters 2" suffered from a bit of a weak story but it was you as Dr. Venkman that kept it afloat. I always saw the first film it was kind of a horror movie with comedic elements and the second was a comedy with some supernatural elements and I think thats where it suffered. The first film was kind of scary or creepy might be a better word but the second one was lacking that and I think that the other characters were watered down versions of themselves in "2" except for how you played Venkman. You kept it true to the spirit of what you did in the first film and it was made the movie more watchable. I would have liked the script to be more the same as the first in tone but sometimes sequels have that problem. The best part of the movie was Dr. Venkman even with the souped up love-y storyline between Dana and Pete which kinda dragged the second one down. I recognize that the "what-could-have-beens" potential with the second one probably makes you not want to appear in the potential third film but it NEEDS YOU.
I like Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson's roles in the movies but without you as Pete Venkman a third movie would be shit. I haven't read the script for it but I'm sure you have and obviously you didn't enjoy it or find it compelling. Even if it isn't what you'd hope it would be but help them get it to a worthy script if need be. I do not want them to recast the role or even write in some lame reason for your character not to be in the movie.

I've heard you said something to the effect that "nobody wants to pay to see a couple of old men chasing ghosts" but I and I bet a ton of fans would disagree. You are what makes "Ghostbusters" so cool. Sure the ghosts are a big attraction but you make it worth watching. It would be a disaster if you weren't in a third movie. I'd love to see you throughout the entire movie but even if you were in just part of the movie it would be miles better than if you weren't in it at all. It would be a shit-tastic disaster if they recast Dr. Venkman.
I know you don't need to do this movie, you've got a great life right now but we as fans need you to do this movie. I've always wanted to see more of your version of Dr. Venkman. Please don't let the opportunity to close out the story on a high note as Ghostbusters 2 had too much of a cheesy ending. Just because the characters are older doesn't mean that they can't be effective and entertaining.

I really really hope you finally decide to appear in "Ghostbusters 3". I would be heartbroken if we didn't get a third movie or even worse of you are replaced. I understand the many reasons you may have for not doing a third film but don't let them get in the way of helping find closure with these characters, especially Dr. Venkman. You probably have a lot of leverage to get the script the way you would like to see it.  If you were soured on another sequel because of what part 2 started as and ended as, just think of the fans who would be so happy to see you in the brown jumpsuit one more time.

A pretty damn big fan

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