Monday, March 19, 2012

Boob Tube: The Walking Dead season 2 finale

Fucking WOW.
I think I have said that after every episode this season. Even with the first half of the season being heavy on talk and short on zombies, it was still just jaw dropping T.V.
Then shit got real when they came back to the second half of the season.

Spoilers will be below. Fair warning!

I haven't read the comic/graphic novel past vol. one "Days Gone By" but thanks to wikipedia I've briefly caught myself up on important plot points. Yes, they have switched some things up along the way. Otis not being killed so soon, Shane making it further into this plotline, Dale not getting his stomach ripped out this soon. This doesn't matter, it helps the T.V. adaptation be it's own monster.

Seeing Michonne show up at towards the end of this seasons finale to save Andrea who was stomping zombie skulls herself, was pretty rad.
 Being flanked by two armless zombies on chains and her sword was a fucking rad scene even though they didn't "show" her besides being a hooded shadow-y figure was still insane.

Laurie's reaction to finding out Rick killed Shane and then Carl putting down the reanimated Shane was priceless. Made me hate the hell out of her since she was the one who basically put the idea in Rick's head that Shane had to go. Not to mention the perfect expression on Rick's face when it dawns on him that Laurie had deeper feelings for Shane than he originally thought.
Rick's speech that "this is no longer a democracy" for those who still stick with the group next season was pitch perfect, seeing how his slice of life isn't exactly as he thought.
Ha, and I've discussed with friends how much Hershel didn't have to reload his shotgun. Pretty funny aside during the who farm invasion.
Infinite ammo code I suppose.

The opening teaser before the credits rolled with the helicopter flying overhead really left an avalanche of questions and that was like 45 seconds in give or take. That spurring on the herd of "walkers" that end up overrunning the farm was interesting, seeing them reacting to such a small bit of stimuli really made it extra scary. They still have some "human" abilities to understand what a helicopter flying by so quickly meant, to comprehend what they hear. How far they will travel for food, that there must be some sort of communication between them that so many followed the others.

Then there was the revelation of what Dr. Jenner told Rick at the CDC. That has always made the zombie apocalypse isn't exactly a disease or virus, EVERYONE eventually will become a walker. That is truly terrifying. There is no cure. That famous tagline from Dawn of the Dead "when there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth" Chilling. It makes me so happy that it isn't some man made virus that caused this.

Now we have about 6 months to sit and stew over what happens in season 3. We know Michonne figures in, the last scene of the episode revealing the prison, which I'm guessing will loom big throughout the season.
I've heard that The Governor has been cast makes me wonder if they will shorten the prison storyline so they can get to the town or will he be a building block added to the prison storyline?
There will be some changes made of course to further separate themselves from the comics which is fine, I'm guessing some of the rape stuff that is suppose to be in the comics will be whitewashed in the show or not addressed at all. I've heard rumors that Michael Rooker will be returning next season. Will it be another hallucination of Daryl's or is he going to show up for real and we find out how he got out of Atlanta? I am so amped to find these things out. I have this sneaking suspicion that Merle led the walkers to the campsite in the first season resulting in the massive attack and exodus. Just my guess though.

OH one thing I have not addressed that wanted to was how blown away I have been with the "walker" special effects. I'm ecstatic to see that they have been using so much practical real world make up effects and been relatively light on CGI which I feel so many movies and to a lesser extent shows have relied on as a crutch in recent years. Good ol fashion Tom Savini-esque effects really put the meat in the show visually. I can't even fathom the budget they are allowed. Kudos for putting the resources behind the effects team.
It pays off in spades.
I think I'm done gushing for now. I believe I have covered most of the observations i came up with.
I now have to wait until Netflix Instant adds it so I can rewatch the entire season in two days or less.
As much as I love the summetime, I wanna skip it to get to October and start finding out what happens in the 3rd season. Maybe I'll get my hands on the graphic novels so I can catch up with it's storylines so I can anticipate this third installment later this year.
So fucking good.
Fucking WOW!

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