Sunday, February 26, 2012

Right in the Baby-maker

Hope anyone who followed my twitter feed enjoyed my Oscars sarcasm laden live tweeting. It was fun
Anyway on to my latest rant.

I hate the Police. Not law enforcement but the band. I was at work today and someone played what must have been their greatest hits and fuck me is it awful. I was especially annoyed with a song that goes "doo doo doo, dah dah dah"(That might even be the name of it) throughout the entire song.  Its fucking idiotic. I can't even begin to describe how much I detest that damn song.
Songs that don't go anywhere lyrically annoy the living shit out of me. And as much as I use to like them, I feel the same way about the Beastie Boys. They've been writing the same song over and over. The backing music is different but all they do is boast about their lyrical prowess. Save for a select few songs ("Sabotage", "Paul Revere", No Sleep til Brooklyn") its just different ways of saying the same thing. It gets hot damned boring. Took me a while to really notice it then listening to a song off their newest album, no clue what the name was, but it dawned on me that I've heard it before. Not that song but what they were saying wasn't anything new. The songs don't go anywhere.
Now take hip hop artists like Atmosphere, Kanye West they can spit about how great they are but they tell a story along the way. As much as I dislike him as an artist, I have some respect for Eminem's lyrical skill. I guess when I listen to music, the instruments take a backseat to lyrics. I can listen to NoFx play the same three chords in every song but the words make my mind work and imagine what they are talking about.  Probably why I hate techno and dance music so much. Its repetitive and asinine.
I'm most likely just getting old and jaded but so much doesn't thrill me anymore. I'd rather hear Willie Nelson spin a story for me than listen to a group as utterly useless like LMFAO(blehhhh)

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