Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Post-Michael Scott Office news

From the sounds of it, the creepy new CEO Robert California( James Spader) from this season of The Office is already leaving.
He was introduced as a possible replacement for Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) but Andy ended up with the job when California convinced the owner of Dunder-Mifflin/Saber( Kathy Bates) to take over her job instead.
I found him to be minimally funny, much more of an aloof jerk with a superiority complex. Probably what they were going for but I didn't find him very dynamic. Not to say that Ed Helm's Andy is very interesting either as head of the office. Atleast Robert California won't over stay his welcome and leave the show while the writers have some halfway funny bits for him.

The only thing, to me, that has been keeping this season afloat has been the continuing Jim/ Dwight antagonist storyline that has progressed throughout the show. But I wonder how much longer that will go on since there have been rumors that Dwight will be getting a spin-off focusing on Schrute Farms.
I'm guessing that The Office has run it's course as they sputter into the 10th season. Season 9 next year will be a good barometer if the show has any legs to even make it to season 10. 

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