Friday, June 3, 2011

Handle your Joystick: PSN IS BACK!!!

Finally the full playstation network up and running on all cylinders (well almost, its a bit slow on the uptake)

The Store has been restored after almost two months of being down. You can redeem your "welcome back" rewards which includes TWO free PS3 games and TWO psp games( if you have that thing) as well as a 30 day subscription to Playstation Plus which gives ya some games cheaper and other free stuff.
If you already are a part of that then you get 60 days free. They are also offering free movie rentals this weekend only.
Not too shabby.
Its kinda wigging out at the moment because so many users are trying to get their free shit but if you have some patience then you get the sweet rewards that we deserve because of every playstation network users initial freak out that their identities had been stolen via Sony's servers when hackers attacked their servers back in the middle of April.
I know I was checking my credit statements like a madman when I heard my credit card info might have been in jeopardy but lucky thus far it doesn't look like it has happened. Thank fuckin god for that. I've heard that that dealing with identity theft is something that should be reserved for those in the 9th circle of hell.
Last week was great once the multiplayer feature was restored now I cannot wait to dig some late night hours into imFamous and Wipeout HD tonight.

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