Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spin the Black Circle: Pearl Jam festival at Alpine Valley Amphitheater

Thanks to for bringing this exciting news to my attention earlier today.

Over Labor Day weekend Pearl Jam is continuing rolling out celebrations of their 20th year together, first we got new vinyl pressing of Vs. which was released all the way back in 1991, damn has it been that long already? I am getting old. Anyway they also gave us Vitology on vinyl which I picked up on Record Store Day this year. So now lucky lucky Wisconsinites are getting are very own festival put on by Eddie Vedder and crew at Alpine Valley Amphitheater just outside of Milwaukee for those of you who aren't fluid in Wisconsin locales.
Playing that weekend will, to name a few, be
The Strokes,
Queens of the Stoneage (if only Nick Oliveri were back in the line-up, maybe someday)
John Doe from X,
Liam Finn, amongst others.
Maybe there will be some interesting additions to the line up as the summer goes on.
June 4th is when you'll be able to get your grunge-y( you see what I did there) little hands on the tickets. I haven't found word on what a ticket is going to set you back yet but I'll try to throw it out to you when I find out.

First we get some great and/or fun bands playing Summerfest like Alkaline Trio and Taking Back Sunday( original line-up)  though these two bands are playing on separate nights they are both on free stages and opening up for Trio is going to be The Meat Puppets. Seriously, The Meat Puppets. How insane is that. Also at Summerfest is Wanda Jackson, Loretta Lynn, Girl Talk, The Dropkick Murphys, The Flaming Lips and Urge Overkill. All on free stages.  Finally Wisco is getting some good bands in a short amount of time.
Now if only these caliber of bands would start making stops up I-90/94 here in Madison.
Either way, this Pearl Jam show should be pretty kick ass. Just Mudhoney together with Pearl Jam alone would be fantastic and a blast from the early 90's.

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