Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HELP Spin the Black Circle: Matt Pryor's new Solo project "May Day"

I was a late to the game Get Up Kids fan, I started my journey on "On A Wire" which I would play late on snowy night drives home from work. I have especially fond memories of a particular night with fresh snow and a full moon while "Walking on a Wire" was playing.
After being hooked on that album I ate up everything they did. I got the back catalog, listened to any of the member's side projects and with the exception of Reggie and the Full Effect's "song not to get married to"( which helped me through a trying breakup) I've found that Matt Pryor's musical endevours have always had a special place in my heart. Everytime I had tickets or a chance to see TGUK play live I've been deathly ill. But I did once get a chance to see Matt play a solo set on his Confidence Man tour at the Triple Rock Social Club a few years back along with Chris Conley from Saves the Day (who played drunken acoustic sing-along renditions of S.T.D. favorites).
When The New Amsterdam's released "Killed or Cured"( which still gets many many spins) for free to download I was ecstatic.
Matt has also dropped two kids albums under the moniker The Terrible Twos which one of the highlights is a song titled "Lady Bug" that I love to sing to my daughter. Plus the song "Smickey" always makes me giggle, the little kid in me can't get enough.

The Get Up Kids newest album is still in my musical digestion process. I'm enjoying it, its different, a bit more electronic-tinged than I thought I would hear from TGUK but its overall pretty great. Though I am sick of one of the songs, which I hear 4 times a day at work. I think its awesome its getting play there but hearing it so often makes you not want to hear it again.
But I digress on that.

The point of this post is news that Matt Pryor from TGUK is trying to independently release his newest solo acoustic album he has titled "May Day" ,seeing as he recorded it throughout the month of May.
Ok so this is the call to all you Get Up Kids, Terrible Twos, New Amsterdam fans to come to action. Matt has set up a Kickstarter account to raise funds to release the album without the typical major label or even independent label support. Sure Radiohead is taking a new approach to getting their albums out to their fans and I'm really interested in Matt's approach on with distribution of his music. Anything that helps send the message to the major label system that to quote NoFx" Dinosaurs Will Die".
Alright then, you have your mission. Go forth and help a good musician get his music to the masses via the people who actually will enjoy the aforementioned music.
Below is the link for you to donate some cash to make this album's release a reality. Plus he explains it much better than I ever could on his page.
Depending on how much you donate it you have the option to receive something in return. All the way from a simple digital download to the amazing option of having an original composition written just for you or even a private show for you and friends.
I hope this helps to get you to bring this project to fruition.

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