Friday, April 1, 2011

Projection Booth:Paramount Pictures announces big budget Doctor Who

News coming out of Paramount Pictures that they have put on the 2012 release schedule for December a big budget version of the cult British television show Doctor Who. They are hoping for this to become a franchise of Harry Potter type proportions. They have signed on for three pictures so far.
It will be a fresh story created for American audiences written by Hot Tub Time Machine scribes Josh Heald and Sean Anders (wow I'm sure they can come up with something for the Tardis to do).
Paramount is announcing the news as they have just secured Michael Bay, fresh off finishing work on the upcoming Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, to direct and produce new Doctor Who. Looks like its gonna be alot of action and shit blowing up for "the good Doctor.

Tentatively titled Doctor Who: Regenerate, casting has begun and The Rock is to headline as being cast for Doctor Who.
Though Bill Murray is listed in the role of The Doctor as well ( we can only imagine before regenerating)

There are conflicting reports that Megan Fox has be cast as Laura, the Doctor's traveling companion, but given her rocky relationship with director Michael Bay you never know. No villains have been announced as of yet but we here at Pods Or gODS are hoping for Daleks figuring in somewhere.
From the small amount of info trickling out, it sounds as if the TARDIS is going to be suped up in some way as Police Boxes weren't something that were big in the United States.
Maybe Michael Bay will be using a unused Transformer from that series.

Shooting is set for mid July in New Mexico and Vancouver BC.

And finally,
April Fool's

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