Saturday, April 30, 2011

Modest Mouse/Big Boi working together?????

Sounds like Modest Mouse is working on their new album and they have Outkast member Big Boi helping them out.

Thanks to that which is Twitter we get this gem from the Grammy winning rapper:
“Me and @mouche1 in the studio workin with Modest Mouse on their new album Turnt up ! Shout out to Issac and the crew!” He added, “Real Rock Star Shit !” A few hours later: “Been camped out in the Lab with Modest Mouse all week, workin on the new mouse LP, coolest cats ever. Long Live The Funk.”

Wonder if we will be getting him as a producer on a song or maybe there will be a Mouse/Boi rap indie rap song. Personally I'd prefer the former than the latter. I think Big Boi does have some pretty good talent in the production side. Might bring out some interesting music from the Modest ones. Though I would most likely predict that having Big Boi's voice actually on a track or two will be awful if not an embarrassing misstep. And seeing as Issac and crew had some great great gems from "No One's First and You're Next", the last thing I want to see is them take any steps backwards. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt not to make some "rap rock" mistake. 

Honestly I'd have thought that Andre 3000 woulda been much more likely to work with a rad band like Modest Mouse.
I'm hoping Johnny Marr is still going to be playing the ambient guitarist to Issac Brock's lead.

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