Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spin the Black Circle: In Defence/The Gillespie Killings at the Turf Club

April 9
The Turf Club, Minneapolis/St. Paul midway area.
In Defence, The Gillespie Killings Explode and Make Up (mbrs. of The Bomb / 88 Fingers Louie / The Methadones), and Shotguns Up!

If you are going to be in Minneapolis on April 9th this is the show to see.
Choose your side: taco pride or pizza power. It'll be a pummeling good time in the Twin Cities for sure.

If you have no clue as to who In Defence are, you best get wise brotha. These boys will thrash your ass and quiver your liver. If you dig Municipal Waste, Youth of Today, Death or bands in that vein you will not be disappointed. In Defence kills it every time they take the stage.

As for The Gillespie Killings, I'll let their facebook bio speak for itself
At a time when many of their musical contemporaries have begun to slow down and start alt-country bands or solo projects the members of The Gillespie Killings have decided to take the opposite route by forming a band that combined the best elements of the music they grew up on, mainly 70's / 80's rock and 90's era skate punk.
This wasn't a hard thing to do since the band features former and current members of such diverse groups as The Framed, Neverwill, Stateline Motel, Said The Shotgun To The Head, Gay Witch Abortion, and Countach. The resulting explosion of noise can best be described as Bad Religion starting a Guns N' Roses cover band with the members of Thin Lizzy. Add to that equation a twin guitar assault that would make most metal bands jealous and you have a force to be reckoned with.
This isn't a show to miss.

In Defence will also be playing at Midwest Hell Fest with From Ashes Rise, Cognitive Dissidence, Protestant among other rad bands in Kimberly Wisconsin at Tanner's the weekend of May 13th and May 14th. For def check that out if you got that weekend free.

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