Monday, March 21, 2011

Snap into some Macho Madness

FINALLY Randy Savage has come back to your game console in WWE All Stars.

I have been playing wrestling video games ever since I owned an original Nintendo. This game looks like its made more for fighting gamers rather than people who religiously watch WWE programming and usually I don't enjoy cartoonish arcade-y type fighting games but getting to unleash some Macho Madness makes me very interested in giving this one a whirl.
The graphics looks like someone spilled a vial of anabolic steroids on their PS3 but it looks like it could be a bowl of rad sauce.
On Tuesday the demo is suppose to be released on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Once I download it and give it a spin I'll update on if its worth your time or if it ends up being like that Playstation 2 series "Legends of Wrestling".

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