Monday, March 21, 2011

Projection Booth: Hobo With A Shotgun

This started out as a fan fake trailer to be shown when "Grindhouse" was shown at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin Tx but there was such a groundswell for the fan made trailer that it found financial backers and began principle photography April 19th 2010.
Rutger Hauer will play the titular character who only dreams of owning his own lawnmower but finds pimps, pushers and pedophiles and using his trusty shotgun commences to rid the city of these lowlifes.
It will also feature Molly Dunsworth( sister of Sarah Dunsworth from Trailer Park Boys fame who also served as costume designer for the movie), Robb Wells( best known as Ricky from Trailer Park Boys)

The title of the movie seems to explain everything you need to know. If you like gore, mindless violence and some Charles Bronson bravado then this looks like the movie for you. From the trailer alone it looks like something that would make Rodger Corman proud and probably has Lloyd Kaufman kicking himself for not getting the distribution rights. If the buzz coming out of the festival circuit is more than just buzz then this could give "The Room" some strong competition for screen space at Midnight showings in cinemas across the country.
Looks like starting in this coming May it will come to life on Video on Demand before a limited theater engagement.
Keep your eyes peeled for this gem of ultra-violence.

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