Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Plugged In: Tuesday Playstation Network update

Its Tuesday and we got a few demos to take out for a spin. As you can see by the picture above first up is WWE Allstars. In this demo you get the choice of The Ultimate Warrior with massive hair that would give C.C. Deville a run for his money or Rey Mysterio who for being a tiny guy looks about as jacked as The Hulkster in his heyday.
The gameplay is pretty frenetic, much more fast paced especially if you are use to the Smackdown VS. Raw series. Its hard to get a grasp of the controls initially because you have two attack buttons and two grapple buttons with the R2 trigger being the run button so its hard to use running attacks straight off the bat. Every move is blown so far out of proportion for maximum damage and flashiness.
I first used TUW against Rey and I could keep up with the fight but once I switched characters, I was thoroughly decimated time and time again. It was pretty cool watching Mysterio use the ropes to vault off of towards Warrior. The move set was pretty limited as I kept seeing the same grapples over again and again. I'm really hoping that this is simply dumbed down for the demo but we still have a week to see for sure. I still feel that there is potential for some fun bouts, I'm most looking forward to playing as The Macho Man, Jake "the snake" Roberts and Mr. Perfect. At this point I'd have to recommend this as a rental at best, atleast until I get my hands on the full version.

Next demo I downloaded and gave a go was Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime.
If you've played the underrated "Ghostbusters: the video game" that came out a two years ago, don't expect the same type of gameplay. This time you don't get the original cast's wonderful voice acting. Its been replaced with a comicbook style cutscenes with word-bubbles instead of audio and fully animated cutscenes. Also instead of a third person view its more of an omnipresent viewpoint. Dungeon crawling almost like "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" except with less detail. The controls are left stick moves, right stick shoots proton beams or whatever other weapon they want you to use. The enemies get to you quite often and the other three Ghostbusters( all new recruits) have to revive you very often. Personally it feels like a quick cash-in instead of refining the gameplay engine that the previous game used. Not to say that game was flawless, far from it but the banter between the original Ghostbusters made you ignore the flaws because if you happen to be as big of a Ghosbusters nerd as me it really felt like the third movie that we have been wishing for since we were letdown by the hokey Ghostbuster 2 movie. Well until Bill Murray finally reads that actual Ghostbusters 3 script which everyone involved claims is the one roadblock to us GB dorks finally getting our Trilogy finale. Even if you are a GB dork avoid Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, even the demo is not worth waiting for it to download whatever you do PLEASE CROSS THE STREAMS instead of playing this.
You can spend it rewatching Ghostbuster for the millionth time.

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