Friday, March 25, 2011

Plugged In: Batman Arkham City

October 19th can't come soon enough. I'm salivating just watching this trailer.
This will be a sequel to the absolutely masterful video game from Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham Asylum that was released in 2009 on PS3 and Xbox360.
In "AA" The Batman fought his way through Arkham after the Joker set up an elaborate plan to trap Batman in the Asylum with a few notable and dangerous supervillians like Bane(who was dispatched far too quickly in my opinion), Scarecrow, Killer Croc along with the Joker's thugs whom some the Joker jacked up with a "venom" derived from the juice Bane uses to "hulk up".
I won't spoil the end for those who haven't played it or finished it. Its absolutely worth finishing.

This time former warden Quincy Sharp has become Mayor of Gotham City by riding the wave of Batman's success and marked off a section of Gotham as a giant version of the Asylum. Using Blackwater-type mercenaries as prison guards he has locked away some of Gotham's most notorious villians and evil criminals, basically giving them free reign in the quarantined area affectionally known as "Arkham City".
A few intrepid gamers who most likely out of sheer boredom or just explosive happy found a hidden room adjacent to Warden Sharp's office in Arkham Asylum that had a map of plans for Arkham City. There was no reason to blow up the wall that hid the map but someone figured it out. Gotta love the little easter eggs that Rocksteady added. And this was before they even planned on the sequel proper.
So far it seems as though Catwoman finds the danger of moonlighting in Arkham City enticing and may or may not be an ally to Batman in this game.

Keep an eye out in the trailer for a Flying Grayson's poster. Another wink at Batman mythology

Characters and villains we know of so far is as follows:
-Batman( obviously and again voiced by Kevin Conroy from the 90's Animated series which was amazing in it's own right.)
-Calendar Man( who reportedly if you visit him on holidays in real life will brag about evil acts committed on that specific holiday, there are those lovely easter eggs again)
-The Riddler
-The Joker ( Mark Hamil has said this will be his final turn voicing The Joker, sad news)
-Harley Quinn
-Dr. Hugo Strange ( who is said to be heading the mercenaries)
-Mr. Freeze
-Talia Al Ghul
- Victor Zsasz (returning also from Arkham Asylum)
I'm sure more will be revealed as the release gets closer or maybe they will be kept a secret for you to find on your own.

Its also been confirmed that there will be no multiplayer mode in the game but like in it's predecessor there is so much to keep you busy you shouldn't miss that mode any.
I do hope that we may get a turn at driving the Batmobile but I bet there is small chance of that.
Either way I am itching to play this. This game will keep me busy long enough that I can wait out the release of Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises. Which once final casting commences I'll bring news about that one too.
Like I said before, October 19th cannot come soon enough.

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