Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Action Jackson: Tough Mudder Competition Wisconsin

Tough Mudder Wisconsin
Saturday July 23 & Sunday July 24, 2011
Looking for something to do in July that doesn't involve a waterpark so oversaturated with chlorine it leaves your eyes red for two days after, well here is something you found it. Its a mix between a Navy Seals bootcamp and Burning Man. Its coming to Devil's Head Resort in Merrrimac Wisconsin so you should be able to take a nice little ride on the Merrimac Ferry before ripping every muscle in your body while climbing through chest deep mud pits, rings of fire, crawling on your belly in a muddy patch, running up a ski hill to get to more mud.

(don't actually click on the picture go to the website below to get a real view of what you'll be in for.)

All the information you will need to know is at including a training regimen if you feel so inclined to actually prepare. If not, there will be a few medic and rest stations scattered along the course.
It looks like oh so much fun even if you take your sweet time. I mean how many times do you get to destroy a golf course at the height of the golf season.
I've worked at that course and some of those ponds will be a load of fun to trample through, hell you might even collect a few errant golf balls along the way. If you run under the ski lifts check for item people lost as they were riding the lifts during the winter, you're assure to find atleast one gem or two that disappeared out of pants pockets.
Good luck and hope to see you there, its gonna be a gigantic part afterwards.

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  1. Right on that actually looks pretty sick. Wish I could make it